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Yellow Dog Woodshop

Axel's Board Oil and Conditioner Combo / Natural Wood Finish

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All of Yellow Dog Woodshop's boards are hand-crafted with unmatched attention to detail.  Preserve that flawless finish and maintain the integrity of your board with our premium board care products!

Axel's Board oil is a natural and safe wood oil for deep treating your cutting boards, wood utensils, salad bowls, and more!  

Axel's Board Oil is packaged in small batches using 100% food grade mineral oil.  Simply pour it generously on all surfaces of your board, spread it around, let it sit for at least 30 minutes, and buff it off! The mineral oil conditions by soaking deep into the wood, preventing cracking, warping, and drying.  Use as a deep oil treatment PRIOR to sealing your board with Axel's Board Conditioner!

Axel's Board Conditioner is a natural and safe wood oil and wax blend for your cutting boards, wood utensils, salad bowls, and more!  Use this product after a good soak in Axel's Board Oil, in order to create a smooth, water resistant surface!

Axel's Board Care products are natural and safe for you and your family.  We do not use any fillers or mystery ingredients, and it will never go bad. Feel free to use this oil as often as you'd like, especially when you notice your board looking dull or dry.  Can be used to refresh cutting boards, charcuterie boards, salad bowls, butcher blocks, or natural wood utensils.




Shipping & Returns

This board is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. We accept returns/exchanges within 30 days of delivery. In most cases, the customer is responsible for shipping costs.

Care Instructions

With proper care, your Yellow Dog Woodshop cutting board can last a lifetime!

Keep it clean! Do's and Don'ts

DO hand wash your board regularly using mild dish soap and water.  Wash all surfaces including the sides and underneath your board, using a rag or sponge.  

DON'T - wash only the top surface of the board. When only one surface of the board gets wet, it may swell unevenly and cause warping of the board.  

DO - Dry it with a clean, dry cloth and stand it up on it's side to dry.  Remember - uneven moisture = warping.  You want it to dry with both large sides equally exposed to air flow.

DON'T - put it in the dishwasher! Wooden cutting boards are NOT dishwasher safe.

Regular care -

Yellow Dog Woodshop boards come pre-saturated with 100% food grade mineral oil and protected with our special blend of oil and beeswax (Axel's Board Conditioner).  This blend repels stains, moisture and food; however, with regular washing this barrier breaks down and your board will get thirsty. Make sure that you quench that thirst with oil - or it will absorb moisture!

We recommend conditioning your board with a natural blend of mineral oil and beeswax at least once a month! Of course, if you use and wash your board a lot or if you just want extra protection, you can condition it as frequently as every day.  Be sure to clean your board and let it dry completely before applying conditioner.  We make our own blend of oil and wax called Axel's Board Conditioner.  Click here to check it out!

If your board is very dry, you can coat it with mineral oil before coating with an oil/wax blend.  This can penetrate deeper into the wood, providing more protection for dryer wood. 

Removing stains -

Lighter woods such a maple may develop food stains with regular use.  To treat and remove these stains, create a paste from baking soda and the juice from a lemon.  Rub it gently over the surface of the board, focusing on the stained areas.  Rinse and wash your board, and follow up with a good board conditioner to protect and prevent additional stains.