Personalized Heirloom Style Recipe Charcuterie Board

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Preserve a family treasure on a solid cherry charcuterie board! We can transfer any handwritten or printed recipe onto this beautiful heirloom board for display in your kitchen or dining room.  Recipes are laser engraved exactly as they are given to us, honoring the original handwriting. 

Boards are made from solid cherry wood. Boards come in 2 sizes - 15" total length, 8" width and 3/4" thickness OR 18" length, 11" width and 3/4" thickness.  Please include any special instructions, requests or questions in the comments box with your order, and upload a high quality image of your recipe.  You may hear from us if the document needs to be rescanned or if quality is not sufficient for image transfer.  We will happily refund your order if we are unable to transfer your image.  

Two sizes available!

15" X 8" X 3/4" - smaller size allows for display underneath cabinets in the kitchen! Appropriate for one - page recipes

18" X 11" X 3/4" - larger size allows for a more prominent display.  Appropriate for long recipes or recipes that are more than one page in length.  

This board is handmade in our small woodshop in Rosharon, Texas.  Attention to detail is our specialty, from purchasing the highest quality wood products to shaping the boards and creating a seamless finish.  Each board is soaked in 100% food grade mineral oil and waxed with our signature conditioning balm, "Axel's Board Conditioner", which is made with natural Texas beeswax.

Our cutting boards are naturally antimicrobial when properly maintained and are safe for food preparation.  Some wear and knife marks are expected with use, but can be minimized with regular maintenance.  Axel's Board Conditioner is available in our store and is and easy and safe way to preserve your board.